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About Samoyeds


Samoyeds are loving, loyal and very intelligent. and are a delightful breed for the right owner who will invite them into their home as a cherished family member. Sammies are the kind of dogs that want to be a part of the family above all.

They love people and other pets, in fact the more the merrier as far as they are concerned!  A misbehaved Samoyed is generally a lonely Samoyed, and we do not recommend this breed if you can not let them be house dogs and share your world, or if you do not have enough time to devote to him.


Samoyeds are very tolerant around children. Our Sammies love to romp, play and cuddle with our kids. Nevertheless please do never leave younger children unattended with your dog, even if it’s a Samoyed.


Samoyeds are not good 'backyard' dogs, as some may think. They love to be around people, if you leave them alone for long periods of time they will bark, dig or chew to get your attention. After all, SOME attention is better than NONE! That being said, we do not keep our dogs in outside kennels and do not want our puppies to live in one!


Samoyeds like nothing better than to be with you no matter what you do. Understanding that basic premise of Samoyed character will help ensure a long and fulfilling relationship for you and your Sammie.

Because of their playful independence, their intelligence, and their size and strength, an early and consistent training has been important in keeping their owners - and neighbors – happy.


Our Sammies loved to ´mix and mingle´ while attending puppy school and still get excited when we are off to go to obedience training lessons or agility workouts.  Of course a romp and some sniffing in the nearby woods is always the highlight of the day for them and for us.


Samoyeds are a working breed, so they need a fair amount of exercise and mental stimulation. Apartments are fine as long as their owners provide a regular schedule of potty outings as well as planned exercise such as walking, jogging, etc. several times a day. So, if you are a true couch potato a Samoyed is not the breed for you.

Grooming needs

Samoyeds have a beautiful, luscious white or bisquite coloured coat, which needs a moderate amount of grooming. The top coat of a healthy, well groomed Samoyed repels mud and dirt beautifully when it dries.

With our Sammies we have had our fair share of dirty puddles and mud baths. I just give them a good brushing after they are dry and Voilá my dogs are clean and white again. And the best part; there is no doggy smell in the house with a Samoyed.  


Their thick coat does shed, but you can keep shedding to a minimum with regular grooming. The thick, soft undercoat is supposed to protect the Samoyed from cold AND heat as well, so dead and loose hair needs to be removed while brushing. This allows proper air ventilation within the undercoat for a cooling down effect. Never shear a Samoyed. Their skin burns easily without its protective coat and you might seriously compromise the natural growth of the coat.


A healthy and happy, well groomed Sammy with its stunning coat and solid physique is so striking, it is literally a show stopper. I see it all the time when I take my dogs for a walk and people stop, stare, or ask me directly about those beautiful white dogs with their sweet disposition. Most people especially dog lovers are just fascinated by Samoyeds.

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